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How Scrapping your Car Can Help Save our Planet

If you’re thinking about scrapping your car or van, you may not realise that as well as making a tidy profit, you’ll be helping the environment too!

Read on to find out how!

Your car is made up of a lot of parts; on average around 30,000! So, when you choose to scrap your car or van in Bristol using a business that deals with a reputable Authorised Treatment Facility, like us, around 80% of your car parts will be recycled safely and legally, and turned into other products, (some of which you can find in your home) or sold and exported to be used in vehicles abroad.

Hazardous fluids like petrol, diesel, brake fluids, engine oil windscreen wash, and anti-freeze are safely disposed of to ensure there is no pollution to the environment.


Your car windows can be easily recycled and used for a wide range of everyday products such as glass bottles and jars, shower screens, kitchen splashbacks, and many more. Look around your home and you’ll probably find items that have been made from recycled car windows. It’s quite possible that the glass vase sitting on your windowsill has been made from recycled scrap car glass windows or windscreens.


The black fumes from burning used tyres contains heavy metals and other pollutants that are extremely harmful to the environment and can lead to acute chronic health conditions, such as breathing problems and skin and eye conditions.

Recycled tyres can be turned into rubber modified asphalt which can be used for building roads and pavements.

Any reputable Scrap Car and Van service, like us in Bristol, will always ensure that your tyres are safely disposed of or recycled.


Car Batteries

The battery in your car is made up of lead and sulfuric acid which is highly toxic to humans, animals, and the environment.  But the good news is that lead can be melted, and sulfuric acid can be neutralised, thus making car batteries recyclable and worth money when sold. At GMP Motors Southwest in Bristol, we always ensure that car batteries are recycled in a responsible way.


If there’s still a bit of life in your car engine, then it can be reconditioned or sold for parts. If it’s on its last legs and you want to scrap your car in Bristol, then the Authorised Treatment Facility we've teamed up with will safely and legally extract the metal from your car battery, which can then either be sold on or melted for reuse.

Scrap Metal

Most cars are made from steel or aluminum and can both be recycled easily for use in manufacturing and construction as well as food production.

Other precious metals like gold and silver can be found in electronic circuit boards and platinum and palladium in catalytic converters. These precious metals are especially valuable because they are worth a lot of money and can be sold for melting and reused for jewelry, electronics, and other commercial uses.

Reusing metals requires less energy than producing new ones and it also helps to preserve natural resources, which is one good reason to scrap your car or van with us in Bristol today!


Your car contains more plastic than you think. Components like the dashboard, bumper, handles, even your windscreen contains plastic. This plastic can be mechanically recycled through what is called chop and wash. The plastic is washed, shredded, and melted which can then be re-used.

Many car manufacturers have started using recycled plastic to construct new cars. For example, in 2018 Toyota announced that 20% of the plastics they use in new vehicle production are made from recycled plastics or plant-based plastic.

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We Care About the Planet

Millions of tons of waste are produced each year by scrapping cars, so it’s extremely important to ensure that this waste is dealt with in the correct manner.

We’re all too aware of the impact that waste is having on our planet, which is why we’re so passionate about doing our bit for the environment.

We always have and continue to strictly follow the End of Life Vehicle Directive that was passed in October 2000. This law ensures that when you choose to scrap your car or van with us, that we’ll handle it, dismantle it and dispose of it (recycle) in a way that will not have a detrimental impact on the environment.

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